Algeria Telecom offers you the innovative Labs Telco Cloud training platform, for university students, engineers, software developers or anyone with a passion for information and communication technologies. This platform is dedicated to information and communication technology labs in the cloud, offering a realistic and practical environment for learning and experimenting of technologies, with real use cases and interactive challenges in various fields such as cybersecurity, networks, and various technologies such as 4G, 5G, IMS, Open Ran.

The platform also provides a wide range of training courses in the Information and Communication Technology field, enabling you to develop your skills and knowledge, particularly in the areas of wireline and wireless communications, IP networks, Telco Cloud, Industry 4.0, companies, communications and network security.

You can benefit from this platform by taking out a 30 days subscription, which gives you access to 30 hours use of platform labs and numerous Challenges.

You can purchase the subscription online by credit card or CIB cards from Algeria Telecom's online store: Idoom Market, or from any Algeria Telecom's store.

You can activate your subscription on the activation page, and access the platform on the website to experience exceptional learning and training in the field of information and communication technologies.


LabLabee trainings:

Categorie  Lab / Formation

Hands-on introduction to 5G and New Radio
Complete 4G Experience: End-to-end Expertise
Exploring the Power of 5G with End-to-end Standalone network
Mastering the IMS technology
Unlocking OpenRAN Technology: User, Control, and Management Planes
Operations and maintenance of networks with SNMP and Zabbix
Telco Cloud Enabling 5G Slicing for Private networks with Kubernetes and Open Telco APIs
Telco Cloud Infrastructure: Mastering OpenStack
Telco containers with Docker
Design Telco Cloud Integration & Delivery with CI/CD
Telco containers with Kubernetes
Networking IP Networking Fundamentals
Scalibility and Network Automation with Software defined networking
Industry 4.0 Industrial IoT Fundamentals : sensor to cloud

Cloud Infrastructure Management

and DevOps

OpenStack Essentials: Mastering Private Cloud Infrastructure
Container Deployment Made Easy: Docker Expertise
Orchestrating scalable applications with Kubernetes
Continuous Integration and Deployment Fundamentals
Continuous Integration and Deployment Fundamentals
Data Analytics Foundations: Elastic stack Mastery
Mastering Linux: Essential Skills and Knowledge
Telco & Network Security Identity and Access Management Fundamentals with Keycloak
Hands-on Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking


46 000 DZD