Your online security is your top priority, protecting your computer and mobile devices is crucial when it comes to dealing with the evolving cyberthreats that can cause major damage to the performance of your devices and your personal data. Algeria Telecom offers you an optimal solution for your online security, Dr.WEB : complete, cutting-edge protection against malicious software, recognised worldwide for its ability to detect and effectively eliminate digital threats.

Dr. Web, complete security against online risks

An anti-virus software is a must to protect your computer and mobile devices against the various threats. Browsing the Internet without protection exposes you to potential risks, the Dr.WEB solution protects you against the numerous attacks, such as malware and ransomware, by offering you complete protection for the most common virus infection sources, such as E-mail, with the ability to detect malicious software on your files and data.

Parental control: for reinforced security for your kids

Dr.WEB protection goes beyond protecting against threats by enabling you to filter inappropriate content and restricted access to specific web sites, and even managing time periods for device use, giving you complete control over your children's online activity.

Secure your business data

Discover Dr.WEB Desktop & Server Security Suite: The centralised protection solution for all the devices in the networks of companies of all sizes, including the security of personal computers and personal mobile devices of employees, and Dr.WEB Mail Security Suite: The smart antivirus protection system for the protection of active traffic, for optimal security of your company's data.

You can now benefit from the Dr.WEB solution, the antivirus is available on : Idoom Market Algeria Telecom’s online shop and at our stores, with licenses and subscriptions from 12 to 36 months.

Follow the steps below to purchase Dr.WEB:

- Choose the Dr.WEB offer you need

- Get your voucher online on Idoom Market or at your Algeria Telecom's stores.

- Activate the voucher on Algerietelecom.dz and complete the form.

- Receive the activation key and download link in your registration email.

- Download Dr.WEB according to the selected offer.

- Install Dr.WEB on the device of your choice.

Dr.Web Security Space

licenses Duration Price
1 12 months 1 700 DZD
24 months  2 700 DZD
36 months  3 650 DZD
3 12 months 3 350 DZD
24 months 5 350 DZD
36 months  7 250 DZD
5 12 months 5 000 DZD
24 months 8 000 DZD
36 months 11 000 DZD

Dr.Web Desktop & Server Security

licenses Duration Price
5 12 months  19 300 DZD
24 months 30 900 DZD
36 months 41 850 DZD
10 12 months 32 150 DZD
24 months 51 450 DZD
36 months  69 750 DZD

Dr.Web Mail Security Suite

licenses Duration Price
5 12 months 14 900 DZD
24 months 23 350 DZD
36 months 31 650 DZD
10 12 months 28 600 DZD
24 months 45 750 DZD
36 months 62 000 DZD