Are you an SME, SMI, VSB or liberal profession ?

Algeria Telecom put at your disposal "FATOURA" the solution designed to manage efficiently your activity's financial aspect!

“FATOURA” is a software that provides you with a platform to manage your invoices.

 - Manage, create, personalise, modify and organise your invoices.

- Convert your quotations into invoices and purchase orders into expenditure in one click.

- Track your stock movements and simplify your accounting exports.

- Easily generate quotations including taxes and discounts, according to Algerian regulations.

- Modify commercial documents anytime.

All you have to do to benefit from the offer, it:

- Purchase a subscription voucher at Idoom Market or go to your nearest commercial agency.

- Go to the "fatoura.app" website then download the application on your PC.

- Setup, insert your voucher and your software is ready to use.

FATOURA is available for PC and MAC.

Please find out more about the licence price, in the "Prices" section.


50 000 DZD