Enjoy a rebate of more than 50% (1999 DZD instead of 4500 DZD) on your first subscription to Idoom Fibre (FTTH) service if you choose the Idoom Fibre offer of 15 Mbps or more (20 Mbps, 50 Mbps or 100 Mbps).

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Subscription offer to IDOOM FIBRE

Algeria Telecom proposes broadband internet offers "IDOOM FIBRE" adapted to your needs, with subscription formulas from 10 to 100 Mbps and several free services

To subscribe to one of our offers and use the unlimited internet, please contact your "Algeria Telecom's" Store.

For more information, call 12.

Only at 4500 DZD, each customer takes advantage of a free fiber optic modem and one-month free internet, with a higher speed. Connection fees are also offered by Algeria Telecom.

Details of the offer:

  • Offers are for a period of 12-month commitment
  • You can check IDOOM FIBRE offers in the “Prices” section.


Up to 10 Mbps

1600 DZD / Month


Up to 15 Mbps

1 999 DZD / Month


Up to 20 Mbps

2 599 DZD / Month


Up to 50 Mbps

3 599 DZD / Month


Up to 100 Mbps

6 999 DZD / Month

IDOOM Fiber is a service of unlimited high and very high-speed internet access via optical fiber, by Algeria Telecom, offering a high service quality.

Algeria Telecom proposes to you an attractive offer conceived to meet all your needs.

The offer is as follows:

customer category Content of the Offer price incl. taxes
  IDOOM FIBRE for Personals Acquisition of the package including installation fees + Fiber optic modem   4500 DZD
(01) one-month free internet, with a higher speed than the subscribed one
  • Unlimited internet connection;
  • Speeds up to 100 Mbps;
  • Prices adapted to all budgets;
  • Free telephone service;
  • A perfect service quality.

The IDOOM FIBRE package contains the "IDOOM Fixe" landline offer, you can choose one of the three formulas below:

Offer Monthly price Offer details



  • Unlimited call to local, national and Volte (4GLTE)
  • Mobile Bonus: 500 DZD/Month.
  • Mobiles calls price: 8 DZD / minute indivisible
  • International calls price:  the current price list
  • Favorite numbers: 1 favorite mobile number at 4 DZD/min (50% discount)



  • Unlimited Call to local, national and Volte (4GLTE)
  • Mobile Bonus: 1500 DZD/Month.
  • Mobiles calls price: 5 DZD / minute indivisible
  • International calls price:
  • 20% discount to 10 international destinations
  • Internet Bonus: 02 days free Internet, for each payment of the landline bill
  • Favorite numbers: 2 favorite mobile numbers calls at 3 DZD/min


   750 DZD/MONTH

  • Unlimited Call to local, national and Volte (4GLTE)
  • Mobile Bonus: 3000 DZD/Month.
  • Mobiles calls prices: 3 DZD / minute indivisible
  • International calls prices:
  • 30% discount to 50 international destinations*
  • *See the current price list
  • Internet Bonus: 05 days free Internet, for each payment of the landline bill
  • Favorite numbers: 5 favorite mobile numbers calls at 2 DZD/min
10 Mbps 1600 DZD/MONTH 30 DAYS
15 Mbps 1999 DZD/MONTH 30 DAYS
20 Mbps 2599 DZD/MONTH 30 DAYS
50 Mbps 3599 DZD/MONTH 30 DAYS
100 Mbps 6999 DZD/MONTH 30 DAYS

At the end of the free month, you have the choice between staying on the higher speed or returning to the speed you’re subscribed to. 

This package is exclusively designed for residential customers. Professionals have a range of different offers adapted to their needs.

If the network is upgraded at your location, you will not have to pay any additional charges. Your new offer became as below:


What the offer includes ?


Personal customers


Acquisition package including installation fees + FIBER OPTIC MODEM +

Optical input port.


With the switch to the IDOOM Fibre package, you will systematically switch to one of the three (03) IDOOM Fixe options depending on your choice.

The subscriptions to the classic landline formula are no longer on Algeria Telecom catalogue. Thus, we will switch you to a new landline formula with unlimited FREE calls, an advantage that was not available on the previous standards subscriptions.


Indeed, customers subscribing to the Idoom 20 Mbps fibre offer will be automatically switched to the 50 Mbps offer at 3 599 DZD/Month.

First, thank you for your choice. However, for high speeds and good quality, you have to be eligible. And meet the following conditions:

  • Be close to an access equipment, i.e., less than 500 meters;
  • Be eligible for the 50 Mbps or 100 Mbps offer;
  • Have a connection terminal (laptop, smartphone, etc. ....) supporting high speeds;
  • Have the appropriate terminal (VDSL or fiber optic modem);
  • Have a landline installation inside the house that meets the standards.

Yes, you can recharge for any length of time, depending on your budget.

Algeria Telecom offers you a bunch of possibilities to recharge your internet subscription and pay your bimonthly landline bills in different ways, namely:

  1. Algeria Telecom stores all over 58 Wilayas.
  2. Indirect sales points agreed by Algeria Telecom (Kiosks, Cyber-café, tobacco shop...etc.)
  3. Internal: Website of Algeria Telecom, official mobile application using a scratch card voucher or credit card (EDAHABIA or CIB) or via BaridiMob;
  4. Via the application "WIMPAY-BNA";
  5. Calling 1500 from a national landline or cell phone;
  6. Post office (Landline bills payment).

For a fiber optic internet access, you will need a special modem called ONT modem included in your IDOOM FIBRE package. Due to the technology deployed by Algeria Telecom, other modems aren’t compatible.

Algeria Telecom guarantees the modems and the after-sales service.


Your place of residence has to have an FTTH network equipment (Eligible), you can have access to this service.

If not, you should know that Algérie Télécom is extending progressively its network to cover the national territory and reach the whole Algerian population.

To subscribe to our IDOOM FIBRE offer, you can visit your nearest Algeria Telecom's store, or applying online, via our website, clicking on the following link Online subscription.


Once the application is processed, you will be asked to provide the following documents:

  1. Copy of your ID;
  2. Proof of address;
  3. A duly filled and signed form

The IDOOM Fiber package is subject to a 12-month commitment.

For the customers with a specific contract, the IDOOM FIBRE package is at 4500 DZD/Incl. Taxes and it is not subject to a tariff reduction.

To find your offer, you will have to determine three parameters:

  1. The number of people connecting simultaneously
  2. Your main uses (frequency of downloads, streaming, data transfer, etc...)

For any information, assistance or complaint, please contact your nearest store or call 12 from a landline or mobile, our call center advisors will assist you.