Dear visitors,

In my capacity as the Chief Executive Officer of Algeria Telecom, I would like to express my gratitude for your interest in our company as evidenced by your visit to its website,

Since its inception, Algeria Telecom has successfully navigated significant challenges that have revolutionized the telecommunications sector.

However, the realm of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) undergoes continuous evolution, necessitating us to keep pace. In alignment with this progression, our products and services undergo perpetual adaptation and refinement to best cater to an increasingly demanding clientele. Our foremost priority and paramount objective are the enhancement of the quality of our services, with a particular focus on the contentment of our esteemed clientele.

Under the slogan "Always Closer," Algeria Telecom is committed to drawing nearer to Algerian citizens wherever they may be. Encompassing a growth-oriented approach, notably through network expansion and modernization, Algeria Telecom provides an array of products and services to its clientele while contributing to the development and advancement of our beloved country's economy.

To achieve this, our company is strategically positioned across the entirety of the national territory, boasting an extensive network of commercial agencies and technical centers staffed by a qualified personnel dedicated to promptly addressing the citizens' demands and requirements.

In addition, we are currently implementing ambitious strategic projects to keep up with our government’s vision to democratize access to the ICT world.

Furthermore, we are actively implementing ambitious strategic projects that align with the government's vision and strategy aimed at democratizing access to information and communication technologies. Upholding our status as a national leader in the realm of ICT, advancing our social responsibility for the benefit of the Algerian economy and society, and meeting the expectations of Algerian citizens constitute the principal challenges before us. This is pursued with an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality across our product and service offerings, customer interactions, information systems, human resources management, and other areas.

We shall consistently demonstrate dedication and a proactive spirit, striving to fulfill the entrusted missions and uphold the trust of our valued clients.


President and CEO of Algeria Telecom   

Algeria Telecom in Numbers

Customers connected to Internet

More than 5.7M customers

Customers connected via Optical Fiber

More than 1.2M customers

Customers connected via ADSL / VDSL

More than 2.7M customers

Customers connected via Idoom 4G

More than 1.7M customers

Commercial network

More than 500 stores and points of presence