Access the world of knowledge and thousands of E-books with the EKOTEB digital library

 Readers, researchers, students or even reading addicts, Algeria Telecom offers you the EKOTEB digital library, giving you access to a wide range of e-books in Arabic covering different fields such as literature, arts, economics, natural and social sciences, health and many other subjects.

The EKOTB service gives you easy access, wherever you are and at any time, to a large collection of books and e-books, via the EKOTEB application available on Android and IOS. This application makes it possible for you to read e-books directly in Arabic or download them for later use, without the need for an internet connection (while your membership to the EKOTEB service is still open).

How do I obtain access to the e-books available in the EKOTEB digital library?

To benefit from the EKOTEB digital library service and access the various available electronic books, Algeria Telecom offers you three (03) subscription plans:

Three (03) months subscription: 1900 DZD

Six (06) months subscription: 3000 DZD

One (01) year subscription: 4500 DZD

You can subscribe via electronic payment (EDAHABIA card or CIB cards) through Algeria Telecom's online shop Idoom Market.

You can also purchase subscription vouchers for the EKOTEB digital library at Algeria Telecom's local stores.

You can activate your subscription using the EKOTEB digital library subscription voucher you have purchased, by following the steps below:

  • Download the EKOTEB digital library application on your smartphone via the application store.
  • Create your EKOTEB account and insert the code of the voucher you have purchased.
  • Access the service and browse the e-books you are interested in a simple and easy way.


Take the opportunity and benefit from a wide digital library in Arabic, covering a variety of fields and areas of knowledge! Subscribe to the EKOTEB digital library service now, by purchasing your subscription online via the Algeria Telecom online store: Idoom Market, or contact your nearest local store.


03 Months subscription

1900 DZD


06 Months subscription

3000 DZD


01 Year subscription

4500 DZD