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Changes on Algeria Telecom's Customer Space

Algeria Telecom is proud to inform its customers, that the the customers space available via our website, is updated with new functionalities.

Now, Algeria Telecom’s customers are able to activate back-up recharge, view the additional services, and also consult their transaction history.

Customers can easily access to the back-up recharge « IDOOMLY », all you have to do is to identify on the Customer Space and press "Activate" the back-up recharge, to benefit from the extra 96 hours of internet connection.

Algeria Telecom customers will also have access to view all the transaction made on the Customer Space from recharges to bills’ payment via:

  • The 1500 Interactive Voice Server.
  • The electronic payment site.
  • At Algeria Telecom stores.

This new additions to the Customer Space, Algeria Telecom looks forward for a better customer experience.