Recharge mode

Download, listen, watch, nothing stops you anymore! 

Algeria Telecom makes it easy for you, and puts at your disposal several ways to recharge your Idoom ADSL, Idoom Fibre or Idoom 4G internet account.

- Classic recharging mode at our stores.

- Scratch card or vouchers just call 1500, via the Customer space or by using our mobile application.

ADSL and Fiber Scratch card:

  • Internet scratch card 500 DZD
  • Internet scratch card 1000 DZD
  • Internet scratch card 2000 DZD
  • Internet scratch card 3000 DZD

NB: the recharge duration is estimated based on your internet speed.

4G LTE Scratch card:

- 4G LTE Scratch card or vouchers just call1500, via the Customer space or by using our mobile application:

  • Pass 4G 100 DZD valid 24H
  • Pass 4G 200 DZD valid 48H
  • 4G Scratch card 500 DZD valid 15 days
  • 4G Scratch card 1000 DZD valid 01 Month
  • 4G Scratch card 2500 DZD valid 02 Months
  • 4G Scratch card 3500 DZD valid 03 Months
  • 4G Scratch card 6500 DZD valid 06 Months
  • VoLTE 500 DZD valid 01 Month
  • VoLTE 1000 DZD valid 01 Month
  • VoLTE 2000 DZD valid 01 Month

Online Payment:

  • Online payment via the Customer space or using the Algeria Telecom mobile application that you can download on: E-paiement
  • Via BaridiMob application
  • Via WIMPAY-BNA application


The backup recharge 96 Hours


1) Scratch the silver strip on the back of the IDOOM ADSL Scratch card to find the 16-digit numbers;

2) From any landline (wireline or WLL) or mobile, dial 1500 for free and follow the instructions;

  • Choose the language: "1" for Arabic or "2" for French;
  • Following the voice prompt, dial successively: The phone number associated with the IDOOM ADSL account;
  • Insert the card number (scratch card number), the 16 digits, followed by #;
  • Once the operation is completed, the vocal server will indicate that your account will be recharged in a few minutes

The IDOOM ADSL Scratch cards are available at our stores (ACTEL) all over the 58 wilayas, and sale points (Cybercafés and kiosks).

Yes, it is possible to recharge several IDOOM ADSL Scratch cards on one account simultaneously, the number of days is cumulative.

The account can be recharged before the expiration of the subscription period. The remaining days will not be lost, they will be automatically added to your account.

You can consult Algeria Telecom’s customer space (Customer space) or call our call center on  12.

Check if the Dial Tone Multiple Frequency is available on your landline, put the button of your landline phone on the letter T. If the problem persists, contact your nearest Algeria Telecom's store to activate this option for free.

For any assistance or additional information, contact your nearest Algeria Telecom's store or the call center (7 days a week from 08:00 to 00:00) dial 12.