Idoom Fibre Promotion !

Looking for a reliable, ultra-fast Internet service combined with attractive subscription rates and exceptional advantages?

Algeria Telecom's new Idoom Fibre Promotion exceptionally, offers you broadband Internet via fibre optics, along with a whole new array of unprecedented advantages:

With this special promotional offer you can subscribe to Idoom Fibre of 15 Mbps , 20 Mbps , 50 Mbps , 100 or even 200 Mbps , at only 1000 DZD and benefit from :

  • A fiber-optic modem;
  • One month's free Internet access at 200 Mbps*.
  • Without paying for the kit or the installation costs.

*At the end of the first free month at 200 Mbps, you'll be automatically switched to your subscription speed.

You can also subscribe to Idoom Fibre 300 Mbps for only 1000 DZD:

A free Fiber Optic Modem + " One " month's free Internet at 300 Mbps, without paying for the kit or the installation costs.

Hurry and enjoy this promotion, available for an additional 30 days starting from September 14th, 2023.

You will have to confirm the availability of the fibre optic network at your address and send your subscription request online or at the local store.