The leased link is a permanent link made for one user, this offers the possibility of transmission between two public network determined endpoints.


  • Fast DATA transfer
  • Security in DATA transmission/ reception
  • Reliable high quality communication
  • Interconnect fare areas
  • Set in a permanent link to avoid the network saturation.

The RMS is a new generation multi-services network NGN (NEXT GENERATION NETWORK), IP MLPS type (Internet Protocol Multiprotocol Label Switching) and it’s a national spread.

Why the NGN:

  • Networks simplified (structure)
  • Reduce investments
  • Reduce the performance coasts
  • Offer new services

Our goals:

  • Offer efficient protocol skills
  • Secure the interconnection and the migration of the existing systems
  • Guarantee the heterogeneous systems interoperability
  • The convergence of voice/data networks.

The RMS advantages:

This solution for connecting sites to our RMS Backbone offers:

  • Internet speed
  • Reliability
  • Quality of Service
  • Security
  • Availability
  • Extensibility and Flexibility
  • Redundancy (E1 or DSL)
  • New services (VOIP, Internet, videoconference, etc.)

Our Costumers

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (PME) or small and medium-sized businesses (PMI) and local collectivities.
  • Private and public major corporate costumers (banks, industries…)
  • Service Operators: Internet, Hosting, …
  • Telecom operators: landline, mobile, VSAT, local loop
  • Emerging operators: resellers, …
  • Major corporate customers and liberal profession.

Supported services

  1. Telephony services:

  • Collection and endpoint traffic IP (VOICE/ DATA)
  • Interconnect PABX network
  • Interconnect the landline operator network type (PSNT)- Public switched telephone network- with the mobile network type GSM, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS.
  • Interconnect the audiotel service
  • Interconnect call centers
  1. DATA services:

  • Broadband services (ADSL,..)
  • Internet services provider’s wholesales
  • DATA transfer (x25, IP,…)
  • VPN service
  • VPN/MPLS networks provide multi-site deliveries to companies depending on the hierarchy level, with security and quality of service (QOS)
  • Services from international GateWay
  1. Video & Multimedia Services:

  • Multimedia services (VOD, Telemedicine, Video Conference, Contact Centers, etc.)
  • Video services interconnection
  • Future networks interconnection (WAP,UMTS)


  • The creation of VPN for interconnecting different sites
  • To provide a low-priced and easy access to companies, the VPN simulates a private network, in fact it’s a shared access infrastructure, for e.g. the RMS
  • MPLS-VPN is from MPLS, a frame relay protocol that allows a high control of the network performances and the engineering.

IP VPN and MPLS technology basic principle:

As an example it is technically impossible for a package coming from the blue VPN to reach a yellow VPN site. As a proof: the customer can use any addressing plan, the is no risk with the open environment (Internet world), nor with the addressing plan of other VPN.This strength insures a complete protection of the company’s VPN from the other VPN or internet in general.

Security, Invisible internet:

On this basis, for maximum security level, Algeria Telecom developed its IP network security around four (04) major axes:

  • MPLS-VPN invisibility and inaccessibility toward the internet.
  • The high level protection, against the shared network systems attacks.
  • The shared network availability.
  • The IP VPN flows resistance between the different customer networks toward Internet. An invisible and inaccessible network from public Internet.

VPN advantages:


The "any-to-any" connectivity, enable sites to connect without creating many virtual circuits.

All sites, all over the world, have access to all applications.


The use of service classes is basically to prioritize the flows depending on the characteristic importance, to guarantee the most important applications QOS, controlling the consumer flows e.g. email or files transfer, or less important flow like the internet traffic.

Management and QOS:

  • Guarantee a QOS end-to-end on all VPNs types.
  • Monitoring each VPN traffic and controlling the SLA using INFOVISTA.
  • Interconnect different transmission medium type: ATM, Ethernet without using transmission medium, or ATM backbone.
  • DORADO provides end-to-end network provisioning: VPNs creation, long-term daily support.

The RMS team offers you a 24/24, 7/7 customer service, a customer service manager is at your service for any advice, expertise or assistance.


For further details, please contact us via:

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