Internet for Business

You are a SME (small and medium enterprise ) or a SMI( small and medium industry)? Algeria Telecom proposes you its new offer " Internet for Business ", adapted to your needs, with a secured connection and an advantageous pricing!

Available in two different Packs, 10 Mbps and 30 Mbps, the Offer "Internet for Business", is proposed to you with the following advantages :

  • An Internet access in leased lines (LS) with a speed of 10 Mbps or 30 Mbps
  • A modem
  • Access fees included
  • Rental fees for the fiber included
  • One pair of FE/FO converters
  • 20% discount on Virtual Machine hosting (On demand)
  • Available packages :

    To best meet your needs, the "Internet for Business" offer is available in two Packs:

          Pack Internet for Business 10 Mbps at the price of 109 999 DZD/Month.

          Pack Internet for Business 30 Mbps at the price of 249 999 DZD/Month.

  • Are concerned by the offer "Internet for Business":



To benefit from the "Internet for Business" offer or for more details, please contact your account manager, or contact our teams via :

Email :

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Pack 10 Mbps

109 999 DZD / Month

Pack 30 Mbps

249 999 DZD / Month